9 effective ways to get your emails opened

effective ways to get your emails opened

These are our 9 effective ways to get your emails opened.

We all have plenty of emails in our inboxes every day.

So, when it comes to your own email marketing, how do you cut through the noise and ensure your messages are opened?

What do people want to see in their inbox?

  • Personal invitations
  • Useful and timely information
  • Fresh news
  • A reward for taking prompt action

What don’t they need?

  • Emails promising something that’s too good to be true – including freebies
  • Subject lines which have nothing to do with the email. You’ll only get that to work once – they’ll soon be wise to you.
  • Exclamation marks at the end of a subject line
  • Requests for a donation
  • Pleas for assistance

Here are our top tips for getting a good open rate:

  1. Ask short questions – Are you swamped? Do you need a new CRM? Is your business bucking the trend?
  1. Write one to one – Make your messages conversational, as if you’re talking directly to your recipient. Make sure it comes from you as a named person, not your company.
  1. Use words which grab emotions or evoke the senses – People make decisions at a deeper level than logic. They buy from others because they like and trust them. Tap into that.
  1. Offer interesting content – Know your recipients, know what they find useful and interesting, then give it to them.
  1. Be exclusive – Use words and phrases like VIP, invitation, limited time, deadline, and exclusive. It draws people into a club and makes them act to open the email. A good subject line would be “Exclusive invitation to…”.
  1. Don’t use all capital letters – It turns people off, the written equivalent of someone shouting. These subject lines tend to fall foul of spam filters.
  1. Never use – Free, percent off, reminder. They’re over-used and subject lines with them are less likely to be opened. Spam filters will block them.
  1. Use numbers – Just like blog headlines, using an odd number like 7 or 9 will break up the text, attract the eye, and promise a lot of information in a short time.
  1. Keep it to within 25 characters – Subject lines will cut off after that in an email inbox list. You can see how it will look by using a tool like Litmus.

The best advice is this: don’t bombard your email database with emails. Send them emails when you have something useful to give them – but keep them in your loop with interesting content at least once a month.

Also, don’t be afraid to send them links to your blogs.

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